Multiplayer Minor Update Notes

In the latest patch, most of the multiplayer code was optimized. With it Among Us players will get less lags and connection issues.


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We are proud to announce that most of the cheaters' issues are in the past. With the latest anti-cheat update players will get protection from bad players in the lobby. 
Hello! It’s been pretty crazy for us here at Innersloth. Lots of things happening behind the scenes. We’ve got a small update here for you all.  Firstly, we want to be sure to talk about cheating and hacking going on. It was pretty bad there for a bit, so Forte pushed out server ch...
From the beginning of August 2020 Among Us game started to reach its popularity heights. Everything started from several Twitch streams which were really funny. From that day Among Us became one of the most popular games in 2020. According to Google Trends From September till October, it was more p...